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Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals Substance: Methandienone Pack: 60 tabs (10 mg/tab)   Danabol 10 or methandienone  is actually a derived from Testosterone, which certainly focuses on stimulating the expansion..

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Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Methandienone
Pack: 60 tabs (10 mg/tab)


Danabol 10 or methandienone  is actually a derived from Testosterone, which certainly focuses on stimulating the expansion of muscles groups as well as raising the body strength and mood. Danabol 10 is more favoured by many other advantages which compensates for a fair amount of Testosterone's disadvantages.

As one of the biggest steroid manufacturers around the world, Balkan Pharmaceuticals produces methandienone under a trade name Danabol 10 to meet a huge demand of several people who are greatly desire for an impressive muscles-shaped body. Many strong athletes and bodybuilders have witnessed its amazing exercise on their body day by day. Therefore, Danabol 10 is a trustworthy anabolic steroid that lies in the steroid shopping basket today.

Methandienone (Methandrostenolon) is consequentially a 17-alkylated modification from Testosterone-the best known male steroid to gain body mass. Thus, Methandienone not only inherits the natural power from the original to increase the nitrogen restoration and the protein synthesis to develop the size and strength of muscles, it also enjoys a longer half-life of 4.5 to 6 hours than Testosterone and a weaker SHBG (binding globulin to sex hormones), which enables Methandienone to act more quickly. Therefore, Methandienone gives a remarkable body performace in a very short space of time. Like other strong anabolic steroids,  Methandienone accumulates blood cells, making oxigen carrying better, hence boosts up the body stamina, fastly regenerates the body after long hard physical training, improves bone mineralization, speeds up fat-tissue elimination and promotes sex desire.

However, Danabol 10 loses its score by causing the excessive water retention and weakly binding to androgen receptors. Therefore, professional bodybuilders often avoid it in definition phase and mainly use in bulking phase. Nevertheless, Danabol 10 can be easily stacked with anabolic ancilliaries to lessen these undesirable impacts and maximize the wanted results. 

Side effect

Despite just a small structural change on the 17th carbon compared to boldenone, Danabol 10 possesses a much stronger side effects, noticeably at the daily dose of 20-30 mg. Negative impacts commonly appearing when taking anabolic steroids to body such as water retention, oily skin, acne, hair loss, high blood pressure, aggression are more active with Danabol 10 even at a low doses. For women, it is an irregular hair body growth, parallel with the same result in menstrual cycle. They have to handle with noted masculine effects such as deepened voice, a growth on the face and mood becoming more aggressive. The ability to aromatize of Danabol 10 is weaker than that of Testosterone, so estrogen concerning side effects like Gynecomastia happen especially with high dosage or drug abuse.

Danabol 10 is still a 17-alpha alkylated compound which puts a quite significant pressure on liver. If applying a prolonged administration with large doses, Danabol 10 can lead to acute liver dysfunction and impaired kidney. Additionally, Danabol 10 can undermine the natural production of Testosterone though taking small dosage.


Base on the Danabol half-life, the intake for 2-3 times a day is highly advised. For athlete to take effect, dosage frequently ranges around 15-30 mg daily. Intermediate and advanced users should apply an administration of Danabol 10 for 30-50 mg a day. Professional users can double the amount to 80-100 mg per day. However, such high dose increases potential health risk and adverse effects to the body. Bearing in mind to take doctor's advice and some necessary allergic-to-drug checks before using.

Danabol 10 is definitely a magical stimulant of everyone on the journey of achieving a truly body mass without being hindered by lots of opposite sides of a common anabolic steroid. Let's get it immediately by online order. Our site is vastly appreciated by many bodybuilders and athletes that their requirements are met by our delivery service. So if you are interested in anabolic steroids, our site is an adequate place to buy the best quality drug.

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