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Manufacturer: Serono Substance: Somatropin Pack: 24iu, 8mg SomatropinProduct name: Saizen 8mg Click Easy (HGH - Somatropin) - 24iuPacking: 8 mg equivalent of 24 units. Saizen 8mg/24IU is available as an injectable kit incl..

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Manufacturer: Serono
Substance: Somatropin
Pack: 24iu, 8mg Somatropin

Product name: Saizen 8mg Click Easy (HGH - Somatropin) - 24iu

Packing: 8 mg equivalent of 24 units. Saizen 8mg/24IU is available as an injectable kit including a syringe-type pen, a sterile diluent containing m-cresol, glycerol and distilled water.

Active substance: Somatropin - HGH (24 IU)

Function: Saizen 8mg/24IU is used to treat children with hormonal disturbances leading to in growth delay and adults suffering from hormone deficiency. In the active sport, Saizen 8mg/24IU is used for growth hormone’s property to increase muscle mass to burn fat and provide high levels of strength and endurance.

Pros: Saizen 8mg/24IU improves overall condition of the user. With pronounced rejuvenating effect, strengthens bones and accelerates recovery in injuries. Saizen 8mg/24IU improves sexual function.

Manufacturer: Merck – Serono

Saizen 8mg/24IU is a human growth hormone synthetic drug with active substance Somatropin. This is human growth hormone which is produced by recombinant DNA technology, having 191 amino acid residues and a molecular weight of 22.125 Da. Its amino acid sequence and structure are identical in shape to the human growth hormone which is produced in the body by the pituitary gland.

Saizen 8mg/24IU gained its popularity with its successes in the fight against aging and normalizing weight. Benefit of Saizen 8mg/24IU: reduction of body fat,ncreased bone density, increase muscle mass, i increased energy levels, better tone and texture of skin, improved sexual function and better condition of the immune system. Overall human growth hormone is the most anabolic hormone produced in the human body.

Dosage of Saizen 8mg/24IU is determined individually as well as in medical practice and in active sport. Saizen 8mg/24IU is injected intramuscular or subcutaneous. Once it's absorbed in blood its acts very quick. The dosage of Saizen 8mg/24IU for adults depends on what goals will be used. For fat burn, the dosage should be 1-2 IU per day, for muscle build and fat burn 4-10 IU per day. For maximum benefit, Saizen 8mg/24IU should be combined with Testosterone. The dosage of Saizen 8mg/24IU should be increased gradually. Here is an example:

 - Week 1 - 4: injection 2 IU - one injection
 - Week 5: injection 2.5 IU - one injection
 - Week 6: injection 3.0 IU - divided into two injections of 1.5 IU each
 - Week 7: injection 3.5 IU - divided into two injections of 1.75 IU each

And so on until you will reach the desired dose. Applied subcutaneously in the morning right after waking up or before bedtime. Many builders also use Saizen 8mg/24IU immediately before the workout.

Combination with other products: Saizen 8mg/24IU is best combined with Tiromel T3 25mcg (triiodothyronine) and Testosterone Propionate or testosterone is administered 2-3 times a week of 100 mg for men and 2 times of 50 mg for women. Tiromel T3 25mcg is taken as one tablet of 25mcg before bedtime. In bodybuilding, Saizen 8mg/24IU combined well with Winstrol and Primobolan. Used alone, Saizen 8mg/24IU is much more effective than in combination with anabolic steroids.

Side effects: Used properly, Saizen 8mg/24IU will not cause unpleasant side effects. Saizen 8mg/24IU is completely harmless polypeptide protein which can be used by both men and women athletes. Does not lead to insulin dependency and does not affect the blood glucose levels.

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